Quality Assurance System

Quality management in universities aims to correctly organize the necessary functioning and information cycle of the entire system within the institution. In this context, as Atlas University, in order to adapt to today's quality management systems;

¬ Definition of corporate operation,
¬ Creation of subsystems to control the system,
¬ Supervision of operation at all levels according to performance criteria,
¬ Structures to improve performance,
¬ Conducting education and research activities in an understanding of continuous change and
¬Work continues to ensure that the entire administrative structure supports education and research activities.

Total Quality Management system; We aim to meet the needs of all our stakeholders, believing that it is a philosophy of change that focuses on solving the problems that may occur in the process, based on teamwork, rather than product or end-of-service quality issues, in order to meet the needs of the stakeholders. In addition to this, our ultimate goal will be to organize a quality system within the institution and to create a quality system model that will cover the needs of internal stakeholders in order to ensure external stakeholder satisfaction.


YÖKAK 2020 Institutional Internal Evaluation Report
YÖKAK 2021 Annual Corporate Internal Evaluation Report

Kalite Politikası Quality policy
Eğitim - Öğretim Politikası Education Policy
Uzaktan Öğretim Politikası Distance Education Policy
Araştırma Geliştirme Politikası Research and Development Policy
Toplumsal Katkı Politikası Social Contribution Policy
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