Improving quality management in general,  It is known that it depends primarily on the development of quality culture. Quality management in universities aims to correctly organize the quality system and the necessary functioning and information cycle within the institution. In this context, as Atlas University, in order to comply with today's quality management systems;

¬ Defining the institutional functioning,

¬ Establishing subsystems for the control of the system,

¬ Auditing of the operation at every level according to performance criteria,

¬ Structures to improve performance,

¬ Carrying out education and research activities in an understanding of continuous change and

¬ We have started to work on establishing the entire administrative structure in a way that supports education and research studies.

Total Quality Management system; “In order to meet the needs of the stakeholders, the product or service  believing that the end is a philosophy of change that focuses on problem solving based on teamwork in the process rather than quality issues.  We aim to satisfy the needs of our stakeholders. In addition, in order to achieve external stakeholder satisfaction, it will be our ultimate goal to organize a quality system within the institution and to create a quality system model in line with the internal stakeholder requirements and to prepare quality system documentation accordingly.