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Smart Cities and Digital Transformation Workshop was held

Intelligent software while aspire to manage smart cities in the world, how our cities in Turkey to return?

Ghandiwork technology, experienced pandemic with the accelerating effect of the process, urbanismte management and operation it also changes its structure. First time artificial in Japan witted After a robot ran for mayor, how technology will change cities has become more and more questioned. In the last yearsa "which we often start to hear"Smart Cities" concept; using the latest technologies in subjects such as transportation, infrastructure and environment, improve quality movesni expresses. If it is not possible to demolish our existing cities and rebuild them, Smart CityWhat kind of a transformation will the road to rs undergo? To find answers to all these questions, Atlas University Valley On campus first this year times Hybrid as conducted "In the "Smart Cities and Digital Transformation" Workshop; needs of urbanism and road maps in a changing world, It was discussed with the cooperation of Public-University and Local Governments.

Atlas University Trustees HeyHead of meat Dr. Joseph Elgseve Atlas University Founding Rector Prof Dr. The Workshop hosted by Batuhan Özay, held in two sessions and followed by a large number of academicians on the subject, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipalitysi President and TurkicPresident of Union of Municipalities Fatma Şahin, Rector of MEF University Prof. Dr. Muhammed Sahin, Deputy Minister of Environment and Urbanization Fatma Varan, Retired BAmbassador Naci Koru also attended as a speaker.

Digital transformation of cities will accelerate!

Atlas University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr Yusuf Elgsein his speech “ pandemic This new era that started with the digital development in urbanization as in every field integrationthe importance of revealed. How are we going to transform our existing cities and what should we do? We attach great importance to this issue and want to contribute to the transformation with the strength of our academic staff as Atlas University. said.                      

"Developing Technology, three-dimensional geographical data and the number of billions you ask and applications form the foundation of smart cities ” she's Atlas University Founding Rector Prof. Dr Batuhan OzayHe drew attention to the necessity of cooperation between universities, the public and local governments in the big transformations that will take place in cities.

In the workshop Thanks to Smart City applications; manage resources more efficientlyIt will be provided to use li, While underlining that future plans will be made more logical, The importance of developing joint projects by acting together with all parties to make cities more livable while making cities smarter while new generation information communication technologies such as the internet of objects, cloud computing, big data and integrated geographic information systems that facilitate the planning, management, construction and smart services of cities was emphasized.