Strategic Plan Commission

The Strategic Planning Commission was established to prepare and monitor the strategic plan of the university.

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Strategic Plan Commission Duties

¬ To work on determining the mission, vision, core values ​​and strategic goals of the university,

¬ To analyze the current situation of the university; To reveal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats by using stakeholder analysis, internal environment analysis, external environment analysis and SWOT analysis,

¬ Determining performance indicators and activities and making performance evaluations with these indicators,

¬ Conducting the strategic plan stakeholder meeting to be attended by all units of the institution and the relevant persons in order to obtain all the data in the institution before the strategic plan studies,

¬ Ensuring that the University is carried out with an approach that enables the wide participation of all stakeholders while creating the Strategic Plan,

¬ Preparing the Strategic Plan and submitting it for the approval of the Board of Trustees,

¬ To prepare the Strategic Plan Monitoring, Evaluation and Realization Report