Student Affairs Department

You can access the 2023-2024 academic calendar from the files below.

About us

As the Student Affairs Department, our main aim is;

To support the development of education-training regulations and relevant directives,

Explaining students' rights and responsibilities transparently and ensuring that they can easily access them,

To keep student and course information in the most accurate, secure, orderly and comprehensive manner; To provide access to information, to contribute to the continuous improvement of the opportunities and learning environment offered for the benefit of students by making various analyses,

To act as a bridge between university units on issues related to students,

To approach all our stakeholders, especially our students, with the aim of providing service at international standards by adopting the values ​​of transparency, accessibility, reliability, equality and flexibility.

Main Subjects We Serve

Application and registration of students,

Follow-up of personnel files,

Meeting document requests,

Following up all kinds of information regarding the Student Information System (OİS),

Preparing requested reports regarding students and courses to be used in academic and administrative processes,

Disconnection procedures,

Following the curriculum and lesson planning process,

Following the student course selection process,

Performing registration freezing procedures upon information received from academic units,

Follow-up of graduation procedures and printing and delivery of documents such as temporary graduation certificate, diploma, honor certificate and diploma supplement to students.

Our E-Mail Address:
Working hours: Weekdays, 08.00-17.00