The aim of the program is sterilization and disinfection To train technical staff with sufficient knowledge and experience in the field. This program; It trains technical personnel who are familiar with surgical and biomedical materials and who are equipped to follow the necessary steps in order to receive all kinds of materials used for medical purposes under appropriate conditions and to perform their preliminary cleaning.

Nowadays, when infectious microorganisms effectively cause disease and gain resistance, it is important to apply effective sterilization steps by competent people. In addition to the microorganisms that are seen as primary factors, the destruction of microorganisms, which also cause hospital infections, by sterilization by people with relevant technical knowledge will also reduce hospital infections.

What are the qualifications required by the program?

Our program, with its 18 operating theaters and intensive care units in addition to strong scientific knowledge, has been serving for 20 years. Medicine Hospital With its support, it provides ambitious training to increase practical experience and graduate students with the qualifications sought in the field.

Atlas University Disinfection, Sterilization and Antisepsis Technician Program Interested students must be successful in the YKS (TYT) score type. Students who successfully complete the program can carry out services such as decontamination, counting, maintenance, control, packaging, sterilization and storage. Have knowledge and experience in proper storage, recording and delivery of sterilized materials to the user. In addition, they serve as health personnel who are sensitive to people, society and ethical principles.

What opportunities does the program offer its students?

Our students attend the Basic Sciences Application Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory and Istanbul Atlas University. Medicine Hospital They will provide their professional development by training and practice in our Central Sterilization unit.

In which fields can graduates find the opportunity to work?

The collection, pre-cleaning, sterilization, packaging, recording and complete deliveries of all instruments and equipment used in endoscopy units or imaging units in hospitals, especially in surgical areas, and sent to the central sterilization unit, will be carried out by technicians who have successfully completed this program.

Students who complete the program have an associate degree diploma andDisinfection, Sterilization and Antisepsis Health Technician title is given. Graduates of the program can work in sterilization units of private and public hospitals, research centers and laboratories, companies that make environmental and industrial applications, and institutions and organizations that provide food processing services.

Undergraduate Transfer Programs

¬ Emergency Aid and Disaster Management
¬ Biology
¬ Occupational health and Safety
¬ Healthcare Management