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We opened the 2020-2021 Hybrid Education Year

Considering the different educational needs of each department and each student, we started the 2020-2021 academic year at Atlas University, which welcomes its first students this year with the innovative 'Atlas Hybrid' education system that combines online and face-to-face education in a balanced way. Speaking at the academic and administrative opening meeting, our Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Yusuf Elgörmiş, underlined that they are very easily adapted to the new criteria that came to the education system with the pandemic since they are a newly established university.

Meeting with the first students in classrooms on a large campus suitable for social isolation rules, Elgörmiş said, 'As a newly established university, we had the opportunity to organize our infrastructure accordingly from the very beginning during the pandemic process. We are confident in this matter. In our campus, we planned all areas with social distances and, despite our high capacity, we adjusted the number of people to be 200 m2 per student. Thus, our students will be able to receive a healthy education. In this sense, we are happy to see the process and move forward. Of course, there is always risk in the pandemic, but we have minimized the risk with our infrastructure and measures within the campus. There may be risks in transportation or social areas, but we think there will be no university-related risks. ' said.

Atlas University Rector Prof. Dr. Batuhan Özay, on the other hand, explains the processes of adaptation to education in the shadow of the pandemic, 'Our students are our mirrors. We are very excited to meet them and set off together. We love to touch and see our students. Of course, the disadvantages of the pandemic have been. Since we were newly established, our chance was to be able to develop new systems by going through the process. Our 'Atlas Hybrid' education system is a special system with an interactive structure that makes students feel in the classroom during online lessons. With this system, face-to-face training will be added in a controlled manner as well as distance lessons that we will perform with maximum efficiency. ' said.