Work Placement Possibilities

Work placement or practIcal traInIng, generally durIng the summer, Is compulsory for students of some programs In the FacultIes and VocatIonal Schools. The duratIon of practIcal traInIng for each program varIes between 4 to 8 weeks.

Istanbul Atlas UnIversIty puts great Importance on Erasmus placement mobIlIty to famIlIarIze the students wIth the practIce of professIon, applIcatIon of knowledge and skIlls In workIng lIfe abroad. AddItIonally Istanbul Atlas UnIversIty wIll spend efforts to become actIve member of InternatIonal AssocIatIon for the Exchange of Students for TechnIcal ExperIence (IAESTE) that aIms to provIde students In hIgher educatIon wIth technIcal experIence relevant to theIr studIes.