Distance Education Application and Research Center

Aims and Fields of Activity of the Center

¬ To conduct research, development and application studies on distance education based on information communication technologies at the university.

¬ To carry out planning, program, coordination and implementation activities for distance education within the scope of all education programs including associate, undergraduate, graduate and lifelong education.

¬ To support the lectures given at the university with technologies based on e-learning.

¬ To provide academic and technical support to all stages of the distance education system.

¬ To take measures to ensure that all administrative, technical and academic activities related to the continuous conduct of distance education at the university are carried out in accordance with the relevant legislation.

¬ To ensure the operation and management of the education management system software in which distance education is carried out.

¬ To design all kinds of software required for the distance education system at the university or to update the existing software according to the needs, to research new learning systems, technologies and applications and to transform them into University learning materials.

¬ To develop internet-based teaching materials for lectures, seminars or courses to be realized as a distance education application and to ensure that the relevant people benefit.

¬ To spread knowledge by organizing diploma and certificate programs for all segments of the society in the fields needed and to serve in line with the principle of lifelong learning.

¬ To contribute to the development of education programs, e-learning adaptations and distance education systems of public and private sector institutions and organizations within the scope of the relevant legislation provisions.

¬ Sharing knowledge and cooperating between the University and national and international universities, institutions and organizations in order to contribute to developments in the field of distance education within the scope of the relevant legislation provisions.

¬ To organize trainings for students and lecturers participating in distance education activities to use distance education tools effectively and efficiently.

¬ To organize distance education certificate programs within the scope of the relevant legislation.