Istanbul Atlas University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design; It aims to train "interior architects and environmental designers" who can design creative and livable interior spaces based on visual perception, offer solutions that combine aesthetics and function, prepare contemporary interior spaces that increase the quality of life for the user, and create a design of close surroundings.

It is essential to apply the knowledge obtained in technical and theoretical courses in the project courses, which build the theoretical basis for meeting the psychological, sociological and physiological needs of human beings in the best way. In the first year of the education, while introducing design methods, spatial concept and analysis, interior architecture narration-transmission techniques, from the second year on, theoretical knowledge will be emphasized with courses such as building knowledge, carrier system knowledge, material knowledge, acoustics, lighting and environmental design. From the third year on, applied studies on restoration, plumbing-ventilation, reinforcement design and environmental design will have an important place. In the last year, while the graduation project in which the learned theoretical knowledge is transformed into practice, the disabled will be informed about design, survey, labor law and building discovery.

Our department; It aims to provide the society with interior architects and environmental designers who care about environmental, social and economic sustainability, take responsibility, research, as well as transform scientific, artistic and intellectual dimensions into professional practice. It is aimed that our students are equipped to use the concept of "sustainable design" not only for spatial design, products and materials, but also in all design, production and application processes after graduation.

Our graduates can easily find jobs in important areas such as furniture and industrial design, especially in the interior design and construction sector; He can also work as an interior designer in construction, building and architecture companies.

Students will be admitted to our department according to 2021 YKS results.